Rev. Rosemary C. Hyde, Ph.D.

Classical Homeopathy and Spiritual Counseling;
RSHom(NA), CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath), BCCC (Board Certified Clinical Chaplain), BCPC (Board Certified Pastoral Counselor)

When you are seeking a path to feeling energized, well, and filled with joy, I look forward, as a member of the Whole Person Wellness Center team, to supporting your progress.

With my assistance as an internationally certified and deeply experienced classical homeopath, you will successfully harness the powerful healing energy of safe, gentle homeopathic remedies, whether you’re experiencing chronic illnesses, mental or emotional stress, aging, or temporary traumas such as planned surgeries. Homeopathic support helps you feel energized and comfortable. It complements medical treatment and works very differently from it.

You can use my finely honed listening skills as a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor to help you discover your own inner guidance on important life issues such as building a deeply satisfying career, creating nurturing relationships, integrating grief and loss, wisely parenting or managing, or clarifying your heart’s desires for greater success attracting abundance and joy.

As you seek and find the path to enjoying a deeply meaningful life, you will find my insights as an ordained interfaith minister invaluable in helping you envision, align with your inner knowing, focus on your purpose, and take successful action.

As you create optimal wellness, abundance, and joy, I will delight in nurturing and supporting you on the path to becoming your best, realized self.

I look forward to becoming a part of your Whole Person Wellness Center support team for healing on all levels. Just make an appointment and tell me how I can assist you to become the shining person you envision being.

Pricing: My fees are a sliding scale between $95 and $125 per session, depending on the length and complexity of the session.  This includes up to three additional free follow-up email questions between sessions, if no change in remedy is required. Sessions are typically between 2 and 8 weeks apart, depending on the stage and nature of treatment.

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