Ault M. Nathanielsz, J.D., MBA, PhD.


How can I, as a practicing Clinical Hypnotist, help you?

Many of my clients have become non-smokers, one improved his sex life, and others have stopped indulging in many types of self-sabotage. I use light hypnosis and perhaps EFT to help my clients make profound changes. The trance state I use is so light that most of my clients do not realize they have been hypnotized.

Self-sabotage is a major source of our physical, mental, and inter-personal problems. We sabotage our finances, our personal relationships and especially our health. All of our inappropriate behavior, including self-sabotage, probably started as very appropriate behavior. Mom tells you not to fight; you make a promise to her, and vow to yourself, not to fight. Well done! Next you meet a bully. Should you break your promise? Whatever you do will have consequences.

Your early decisions — vows — help shape your actions and form your behavior, habits, and personalities. These unhelpful, unwanted behaviors, habits and personality traits can most easily be changed by revoking your early vows while in what is called the Child ego state. New and lasting functional decisions can most easily — some say can only — be made while in the Child ego state.

Some categories of vows which I have helped clients break are: vows of poverty, loneliness or isolation (Not belonging, not joining), misery, chastity, embracing physical illness, rejecting good mental health, failure, refusing to grow up.

In his book “The Money Game,” Adam Smith writes that if you don’t know who you are, the stock market is an expensive place to find out. Compared to “real life,” my office is an amazingly cheap place not only to find out but to change who you really are.

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